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2022 Fauquier County Reassessment

Assessors are in the field starting September 21, 2020


Every four years, a general real estate reassessment is conducted in accordance with Section 58.1-3252 of the Code of Virginia. An appraisal firm (County approved) is contracted to reappraise every parcel at its fair market value, which is based upon a sales study completed by the appraisal company. These assessments are effective for four years unless a change is made such as boundary adjustment, division of property, change in zoning, court orders, and new construction.

The 2022 Reassessment

Fauquier County selected Wampler-Eanes Appraisal Group, Ltd. of Daleville, Virginia as the Assessor for the 2022 general reassessment of real estate values for Fauquier County.  In accordance with State requirements, Wampler-Eanes appraisers inspected every parcel in the County to establish the current fair market value of the real estate.  The 2022 Reassessment will be effective January 1, 2022.

Key Dates


  • Field work and sales validation starts in September 21


  • Field work continues though September for assessments
  • Commercial\Apartment Income & Expense Surveys mailing in early May
  • Income & Expense Surveys due in July
  • Reassessment Notice mailing in October 15
  • Reassessment Values Online after October 15
  • Scheduling of Informal Hearings
    • Begins October 18
    • Ends November 5
  • Informal Hearings
    • Begins November 1
    • Ends December 10
  • Informal Hearing results mailed before December 31
  • Reassessment completes December 31
  • Field work for fall/winter 2021 new construction continues through December


  • Reassessment values effective January 1, 2022
  • Field work for fall/winter 2021 new construction continues through early February
  • Change in Assessment Notices for properties in easement and land use, and fall/winter 2021 new construction mailed by Commissioner of the Revenue in March
  • Board of Supervisors sets tax rate by early April
  • Court appoints 2022 Board of Equalization (BOE) by March
  • BOE convenes by late March and sets schedule of Appeals
  • Scheduling of Appeals to the BOE
    • Expected to begin by early April
    • Ends in June
  • BOE holds last hearing early August
  • BOE hearing results letters mailed in August
  • BOE holds last administrative meeting in August