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The Ambulance Billing program is a revenue initiative for emergency medical service (EMS) incidents, which result in the transport of a patient to a hospital. The patient’s health insurance company will be billed for services rendered, similar to the process hospitals or doctors use now. Transport services are typically covered by most health insurance plans.

Transport rates currently in effect

Bắn cáBasic Life Support (BLS) Emergency


Bắn cáAdvanced Life Support (ALS1) Emergency


Advanced Life Support 2 (ALS2) Emergency


Mileage (per loaded mile)



Fauquier County employs a soft billing approach, meaning the direct financial impact to County residents is minimized. Insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid are billed for patient transports.  Any remaining co-payment or deductible, after the insurance company has been billed, will not be charged to a County resident. 

Emergency medical care and transport of our residents and visitors, remains the top priority of Fire and Rescue. EMS will always be provided without regard to anyone’s ability to pay.  In the event of financial difficulties, please complete the Hardship Waiver form to make other financial arrangements.

Bắn cáFauquier County uses a third party vendor, Intermedix, to conduct billing and collection activity on behalf of the County.


Bắn cáAccount Status: 

Customer Service:  1-888-987-2058

Payment Remittance Address:  PO Box 7401  Merrifield, VA 22116


For more information regarding the program, please see our Informational Brochure.

For more information regarding our HIPPAA Privacy Practices, please contact:  

Fauquier County HIPPAA Privacy Officer

210 Hospital Drive

540-422-8806 (phone)

Bắn cá540-422-8819 (fax)


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